Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)

Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)

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Human Resource Management over years has evolved to be a critical function for an organisation. From the time a Human Resource Professional would only manage employee database and leaves to a time when they act as the support system for the entire employee life-cycle, from talent acquisition to learning and development, appraising and managing performance, compensation benefits, employee engagement, policy making to talent management, functions of HR has come a long way. Human Resource professionals today solve problems like attrition, absenteeism, enhancing productivity, improving quality, saving cost, managing complex projects and ensuring smooth functioning of an organisation. Human Resource processes evolving from task, to skill and now to competency based HR, there is essentially great need for HR Professionals today to keep in pace with whats changing. With the CHRMP Certification, you will be able to do this and more. We provide you an opportunity to learn from a group of practiced trainers the world of Human Resource and its dynamics providing you different perspectives and the best solutions. Our Certification program has educated and placed HR Professionals all around the world, thus eliminating the need for further HR training in an organisation. By covering the latest industry standards and application based learning, CHRMP has risen to one of the most sought after HR Trainings around the globe. We help budding as well as seasoned professionals develop the ability to make strategic contributions to their respective organisations. To be a Certified Human Resource Management Professional, follow a simple process of filling up the contact form for us to get in touch with you. Alternately, you can call us on the numbers given and understand how this Certification will benefit you.

Job Roles

Human Resources Director, Human Resources Generalist, Human Resource Information Systems Coordinator, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Manager/Architect Employee Relations, Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Human Resources Representative, Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Team Leader


CHRMP-edge is open and available for candidates passionate about a career in Human Resource Management. Although, due to our definitive and specific course design, we recommend this course only to fresh graduates and professionals making a transition to t





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