Certified Project Consultant (CPC)

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Project, Program and Portfolio Management Consultants (PM Consultants) are fulfilling an important role in project management practice. However, they are not accountable for the Project, Program, Portfolio products and outcomes but, instead, they are advising project managers and organizations. The consulting engagements may cover a broad spectrum of issues in both the traditional functional areas such as Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Human Resource Management, Logistics and Transportation, and Information Technology as well as cross-functional projects investigating, for example, the impact of leading edge information technology on business processes and client relationships in Electronic Commerce and Supply Chain Management.To fulfill the certification needs of PM Consultants, IPMA has extended the Four Level Certification (4-L-C) system with a Two-Level Certification for PM Consultants.

Prerequisites Details

You are qualified to take this certification if you have any of the below requirements: Must have at least one year experience in related field Bachelors or Masters Degree

Certified Project Consultant (CPC)