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This four day workshop is designed to introduce a variety of perspectives on executive leadership and management with special focus on what it is to be a leader. 

The course aims to enable existing and developing leaders as well as decision makers introduce fit-for-purpose leadership styles and management approaches to their workplaces. By the end of the course attendees will have acquired comprehensive knowledge and practical experience about management and leadership styles, in alignment with local needs and capabilities. Moreover as a fundamental part of the course attendees will create a report to be delivered to the class, detailing what they have learned & what is relevant to them. This of course develops all important communication skills and will be supported by the tutor in a workshop environment promoting participation & full engagement. Substantial focus is placed on how the course will have positive implications for the improvement of individuals professional practice on return to employment. This assists employers understand the benefits of the programme and help consolidate the understanding of management. What are the objectives? * This integrative course aims to develop a deeper understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership, * To develop the essential skills and competencies necessary to plan, monitor and control different tasks and events (Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle ) 

* Develop an understanding of the different approaches to leadership and management. * The course focuses on complementing different & existing management skills already developed through earlier business and management courses. 

* Addresses the practical challenges that managers face as they seek to build, and upgrade their organisations. 
* Explore the different perspectives of management such as strategic, tactical, project and day to day. * Debate the importance and value of management as a skill within your organisation 
* Identify, discuss and examine objectives, advantages, drawbacks, models, stages and requirements for future developments 
* In addition, participants will have insight into: critical analysis; interactive and team working; creativity; and problem solving. What will delegates learn? 
* Subjects covered within the workshop will include: Introduction to leadership; difference between leadership and management; leadership skills and tactics; effective leadership; lessons learned from great leaders; communication skills; speaking in public places; and how to become an aspiring leader. 
* Understand the behaviours, standards and solutions that allow you to support your sector, division and personal goals. Who should attend? 
* The workshop covers materials for all levels from supervisory through to senior level. * Managers and directors responsible for transformation, project, programme, knowledge, innovation or change management. 
* Experienced managers who have significant futures oriented management responsibilities, and who are interested in reflecting on their own experience and discovering new ideas 
* Sector managers responsible for leading change and transformation efforts 
* Academics including researchers and students who are interested in being part of an engaging educational experience that explore the challenges and opportunities organisations face Course structure * For each session there is an activity or set of activities. 

These are designed to help engagement with the introduction to the theories explored within the workshop. * The tutor will be on hand to guide you through the course. 
* Group work will be required for participants to engage in the workshop. Such activity allows participants to embed the new knowledge within their experience through active discussion and challenge Programme overview Day One 09:00-09:30am - Registration and general introduction 09:30-11:00pm - leadership vs Management 11:00-11:30pm - Coffee /tea break 11:30-13:00pm - Leadership Styles 13:00-14:00pm - Lunch 14:00-15:30pm - Management Approaches Day Two        09:00-09:30am - Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day one & homework review 09:30-11:00am - Strategy & tactics 11:00-11:30pm - Coffee / tea break 11:30-13:00pm - Strategic thinking 13:00-14:00pm - lunch 14:00-15:30pm - Tactical approaches Day Three     09:00-09:30am - Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day two & homework review 09:30-11:00am - Strategy & tactics 11:00-11:30pm - Coffee / tea break 11:30-13:00pm - Strategic thinking 13:00-14:00pm - lunch 14:00-15:30pm - Tactical approaches Day Four        09:00-09:30am - Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day three & homework review 09:30-11:00am - Managing people, information and processes 11:00-11:30pm - Coffee/tea break 11:30-13:00pm - Process Management 13:00-14:00pm - lunch 14:00-15:30pm - Information Management Day Five         09:00-09:30am - Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day one & homework review 09:30-11:00am - Presentation skills workshop 11:00-11:30pm - Coffee/tea break 11:30-13:00pm - Reporting workshop 13:00-14:00pm - lunch 14:00-15:30pm - Final workshop

A Consultant, Coach & Corporate Trainer, Dee Morrissey MA (hons) MSc. specialises in developing individuals & teams to work smarter. A Project Manager (PRINCE2), as well as a leader of Process Improvement (Lean SixSigma), how we solve problems & work together whilst doing so, is a total focus of hers. A SCRUM Master, as well as a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner, Dee works with people to develop sustainable strategies for business transformation, and facilitates people to understand how they can work at their optimum. Whether she is training groups in the development of management skills & formal business qualifications or leading a transformation project as a consultant and working as a coach, Dee’s focus is invariably on communication and feedback loops. In her playbook, there is no such thing as a stupid question, because if you need to know or understand something, the only stupid thing is not to question. Specialist in Change Management, Information Security Training, Communications and Program Management with an in-depth awareness and understanding of the nature of generating and sustaining meaningful change. Providing training needs analysis and training solutions as well as motivational and mentoring support dedicated to the positive reinforcement of meaningful business transformation. Engaging with numerous agencies and corporate organisations in the UK, Ireland & the Continent delivering programs on SixSigma, Change Management, and Project Management (Agile, Scrum et al) as well as assorted soft skills such as presentation, time management, performance management, EQ development, stress management and facilitating training bootcamps for Information Security ( CISM, CISA etc.)

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