Certified Search Engine Marketing Master (CSEMM)

Certified Search Engine Marketing Master (CSEMM)

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Search Engine Marketing is a kind of Internet Marketing that comprises of several techniques about website promotion with a view to increase its visibility on the search engine result pages. 

Certified Search Engine Marketing Masters Course (CSEMM) is a great platform for the participants who wish to develop an expertise and masters in Search Engine Marketing. This course allows participants to excel their skills in one of most evolving domains of Digital Marketing, viz. Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
Extensive features of this Masters Course in Search Engine Marketing is:
  • 24 hours support on discussion forum, participants can get their queries solved at any point of time. 
  • Since, this is a master certification in Search Engine Marketing; therefore, it touches all spheres of the same such as, 
  • Search Engine Marketing Overview: This includes concepts related to Google Search and overview of Google Adwords & Yahoo Search Marketing. 
  • Pay-per-click Overview: This includes definition, uses and important terms related to PPC viz. Conversion Rate, Quality Score. 
  • Strategizing PPC Campaign: This involves planning process of PPC campaign so as to ensure effective segmentation of keywords and much more. 
  • Market Analysis: Learn to understand and target the industry key drivers to perform competitive analysis. 
  • Ad writing Techniques: Gain knowledge of Ad preview tool, learn to use features such as reviews, +1 button etc. 
  • Campaign Management: Gain insights into the overall concept of tools and comprehend advance functionality. 
  • Bid Management Plan: Get to learn about bidding strategy and difference between bid management features such as CPA bidding, position preference etc. 
  • Effective Landing Pages: Learn the importance of UI/UX design and call-to-action. 
  • Performance Tracking: Understand how to set the goals and objectives of the campaign, monitor PPC activity with Google Analytics etc. 
  • Decipher User Psychology: Comprehend how to connect with the users and gain from prospective customer’s search behaviour. 
  • Reporting & Analysis: Get to know how to collaborate PPC account with Google Analytics and accordingly design the future plan of action. 
  • Testing: Learn about two types of testing viz. Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing. 
  • SEM Management (Other Opportunities): Understand the concepts such as re-marketing, mobile advertising, display & video formats etc. 
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