Certified International Change Manager (CICM)

Certified International Change Manager (CICM)

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    Certified International Change Manager (CICM)

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    International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM)

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    جمعية دولية رفيعة المستوى مدراء المشاريع (ASIPM)

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Although change is one of the few certainties of life, it is often met with fear and resistance in the work lace when not managed correctly. However, organisations have to change in order to adapt, improve and repair for the future. Change can be Strategic, Anticipatory, Reactive or Incremental – each of which needs a different and controlled response. 

As today's business environment is accelerating the pace of change, effective change management has never been so important. Expertise on change management will drive forward sustainable performance improvement to keep ahead of competitors, and meet ever changing and demanding customer expectations. 

Organisations fall into several categories, some are Traditional and some are Modern. Traditional organisations tend to initially resist change because it's not the way we do it here......but their competitors are changing. Modern organizations embrace change but sometimes for the wrong reasons...think Dot.Com. Change must be planned and controlled; the process element - the supplier element -the staff element- the customer element must all be given equal consideration. This course is presented by a worldwide Change Management expert who will guide you through all the complex elements of changing a business environment onto the path of successful reorganization.

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