What are the benefits of HR certifications?

What are the benefits of HR certifications?

Human resource is the core department of any organization which is responsible in the retention of good employees whereas in building a positive standard of the company in terms of employer branding. The HR professionals are responsible for keeping the employees motivated, providing them all the necessary training and knowledge, resolving the issues occurring at workplace for the employer, managers, staff and employees as well. The human resource creates =strategies that are not only associated to keep the positive image of the organization but to also keep every individual engaged and motivated for performing the tasks on regular basis.

Due to the involvement of HR professionals in multiple roles and decisions in the organization it is important for the individuals associated to human resource to possess certain skills and capabilities. They need to have a knowledge of finance, management, inside marketing, supply chain etc. Analyzing any issue which might occur in the near future inside the organization and taking precautionary steps for it such as arranging the training programs, activities during work hours in the organizations, commissions, increments etc. These areas will add on to the value of the organization and bring competency in the work and objectives as well. As the HR professionals handle the key roles in the organization and they are responsible for the employee branding as well. Organizations hire professionals in the human resource department that are certified and hold some recognized degrees as well. They prefer the HR professionals that are certified and accepted globally, these certifications train the employees in various ways either professionally or personally. The training and knowledge provided in HR certifications is proficient enough for the person to pursue his career in the top most organizations easily. According to a survey by Payscale.com, HR-certified professionals typically make morethan their non-certified counterparts. This pay difference is less noticeable in lower level positions, but becomes more visible as you work your way up into HR management. There are many certifications offered in the human resource department that are accepted globally, organizations demand the candidates to pursue such certifications in order to attain the top positions easily. These certifications provide multiple benefits to the HR professionals in various ways. The top most certifications to pursue in human resource are:

  1. PHR®: Professional in Human Resources

If you are willing to understand all the laws and regulations associated to human resource than PHR would be the best choice for you. This course will make you learn different ways and rules to keep in mind for the implementations of different programs also for the tactics to be used for human resource activities. The benefit of PHR certification is that HR professionals who receive this credential are typically accountable to another HR professional within the organization (such as the director of human resources) and have responsibilities focusing on the HR department rather than the organization as a whole. The positions you will work on after getting a PHR are:

Payroll manager

HR coordinator


  1. SPHR®: Senior Professional in Human Resources

This course is for those who have already been working at senior level positions in the department of human resource. SPHR will teach the managers to be proficient in their tactics and strategy planning.The focus is on big-picture planning and is geared toward those who have ultimate accountability in the HR department. The benefit of SPHR certification is that the candidate will be working on the position of Human Resource director, Human Resource consultant, or labor relations manager. This will add the efficiency in the senior level positions human resource managers.

  1. SHRM-CP: SHRM Certified Professional

If you are working at a position of serving, initiating and implementing human resource policies then SHRM-CP is the best choice for you. This certification serve as point of reference for employees and stakeholders, deliver HR services, and perform operational HR functions. SHRM-CP is much similar to PHR but this will make your understand he strategy building in a better way and executing the basic functions of human resource in any organization.  Job opportunities may include senior HR consultant, HR director, or HR manager. Also the certification will give you a global perspective for the basic functions of human resource so you will be able to implement those in your organization.

  1. SPHRi®: Senior Professional in Human Resources — International

This will make you able to take decisions a professional level without being mistaken or committing any errors. The individual will be able to learn the techniques to initiate in the human resource department. The knowledge and skills needed to work at the top level position in any organization is provided in SPHRi certification. Receiving this certification proves that an individual has mastered generally accepted HR principles in strategy, policy development, and service delivery. The benefit of HR certification is attained on a global level. There are many positions which are gained by the individuals that majorly includes HR specialist, HR generalist, or HR global manager. This certification will remain valid for 3 years and the candidate will have to give the exam again.

  1. GPHR®: Global Professional in Human Resources

If you are willing to pursue a career in human resource on global level than GPHR is the most suitable and beneficial certification for you. GPHR holders get a chance to work on international level everywhere around the global with their knowledge and expertise. Learners explore cross-border HR responsibilities such as strategies of globalization, development of HR policies, and initiatives that support global organizational growth.

The benefits of HR certification in the professional careers of individuals are prominent. They all bring competency and growth for the professionals as well as organizations. The recognition of these certifications around the world give an advantage to the candidates in pursuing the top level positions of managers, supervisors and employers easily.



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