Importance Of Nursing:

The patients not only need the quality treatment and medicines but they also require the proper care and attention by the staff working in the hospital or assigned to the individual. The recovery of people who are admitted in the health care centers highly depend on the atmosphere and environment provided to them by the administration. The health of an individual can be improved when he has been provided with the best of mental stress release. Nursing in this regard is known as a noble profession which is designated for the care and maintenance of the individuals who are admitted at the health care centers or hospitals. Nurses either male or female are supposed to fulfill the needs of patients or people who are not healthy or living a quality life, they provide them with every possible thing which may be required by the patient any time.

Nurses require proper training, learning and education by professionally qualified trainers who are already associated to this field and are performing all the duties of a care taker of individuals at hospitals. Nursing is also meant to assist the health care professionals and the doctors during their treatment procedures and operations of the patients. They provide all the necessary equipment’s to the doctors on time for the right treatment and care. Nurses need to possess high level of emotional stability as they have to deal with patients, their family members, therapists, physicians in critical conditions. Provided with the fulfillment of responsibilities by the nurses on time and with accuracy because a minor mistake can turn out to be in a life loss of a person. Nurses develop a plan of care, working collaboratively with physicians, therapists, the patient, the patient’s family and other team members, that focus on treating illness to improve quality of life. In many states the training of nurses are offered by the health care centers depending on the states of regulations in different sectors as needed which may include clinical nursing, nurse practitioners, diagnosing diseases, multidisciplinary nurses which look after the dietitians, therapists, physicians etc.

There are many responsibilities on the nurses towards, the whole administration but they have to abide by the certain responsibilities and activities in every condition.

The major job responsibilities of the nurses in health care centers are:

  1. Providing complete assistance to the doctors and physicians during their treatments to the patients. Preparing the equipment that may be required by physician during treatment or work hours.
  2. Analyzing and assessing the needs of the patients as well as staff and fulfill them before the time so it may not create any difficulty for the administration.
  3. Educating the patient regarding his health condition and before that it is required by the nurse to himself understand the health condition, disease, and the ongoing treatment of the patient properly.
  4. The understanding of the medications by the nurse, it’s timings, dose and requirements including food, water etc. the utmost responsibility of the nurse to perform at any hospital. The patient will consult nurse for any query and confusion. For which it is important for them to have complete understanding and knowledge of the treatment.
  5. Some patients are unable to move and function by themselves for which they require the help and assistance of the nurse in performing the regular activities as eating, washroom, changing etc. Assisting in activities of daily living (ADL) are skills required in nursing as well as other professions such as nursing assistants.

All the above mentioned responsibilities require training and knowledge which can be attained by the professional certifications offered in this field. There are many professional nursing courses that are offered by the institutes which are also accepted and recognized all over the world.

The top most certifications in nursing that are accepted globally are:

  1. AIDS Certified Registered Nurse ACRN:

This certification is designed for the care and nursing of the HIV/AIDS patients. This certification signifies that you have the training to address the entire consequences of the disease, including both the physical and psychosocial issues. The complete training, knowledge and education is provided to the candidates regarding AIDS so they may be able to procure the condition of HIV patient in a professional manner. The nurses that acquire professional certification ACRN are mostly required to work in clinics or hospitals that deal with infectious diseases.  The infection disease units in hospitals are responsible for dealing with the severe infections of patients which mainly includes HIV. The average salary of nurses having ACRN is $63,000 per year which is almost 2% higher than all the other nursing professionals.For you to qualify to take this certification examination, you need to have two years of HIV/AIDS work experience.

  1. Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)

The care and nursing of pediatric patients is conducted by CPN candidates. The certified candidates deals with all kinds of pediatric patients and provide them specific care and treatment which is needed. This will include performing assessments, treatment interventions and evaluations of medication. They are also responsible for educating the family of the patient and the patient himself for the treatment, medicines and other requirements. The average salary of CPN certified candidates are 13% more than the other nursing professionals in pediatrics. The average salary of CPN professionals are $70,000 per year.

  1. Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse (AOCN)

Oncologists are known widely to deal with cancer, it’s diagnosis, treatment and medications. The nursing professionals who get certified in Oncology can meet all of the criteria to be a specialized nurse in the oncology field. The AOCN certification is best for the training, knowledge and nursing of the patients suffering from cancer. To be eligible to sit for this certification exam, you have to have worked at least 1000 hours from the last 2.5 years of your nursing work in oncology. Also need to have completed continuing education credits of 10 hours in oncology to sit for the exam. The average salary of Oncology nursing is $60,000.

There are many other certifications specified for different needs of nursing in hospitals and clinics. The above mentioned are the top 3 certifications in nursing which will help the nurses to get started with their careers with a good salary and position.