Why Learning And Development Training is important for Human Resource?

Why Learning And Development Training is important for Human Resource?

Employees require certain on the job training as well as off the job training in order to perform with consistency during work. Top organizations arrange several activities to keep the morale of the workers high. When an individual is hired he is analyzed on the basis of his skills and capabilities with the passage of time the management is responsible to train him for enhancing the job performance in the organizational settings. Learning and development is only subjected to improvise the overall job performance of the staff and employees. It provides all the basic knowledge and learning required by the employee to keep performing as per the standards of the organization. All the learning and development related activities and initiatives in the organizations take place with the help of Human resource department. The HR department is responsible for arranging the programs for talent management, training, workshops, on site learning etc. This usually takes place either regularly or often inside the organization. This creates a huge impact on the performance of the employees also the team building takes place when employees are required to work in groups.

The Human resource activities for learning and development are observed by the supervisors. The employees are being evaluated before the training and after the training to analyze the benefits and improvements it has brought into the organization. The earning and development activities are not restricted only for the task related subjects but it also includes the issues which usually occur with the employees at workplace either about the communication, team building, time management, stress management etc. These issues pile up and restrict the organization from growing as required. The managers hire individuals who understand the importance of these activities inside the organization.

There are many learning and development courses offered which provides training and basic knowledge to the managers for arranging such activities in their respective organizations. The core objective of learning and development course is:

  1. What is the role of training and development in human resource management? The program will cover the importance of it, requirements, procedures and ways to implicate it inside the organization.
  2. Understand the learning process of employees, how they will be able to adopt the purpose of such programs and trainings? The psychology of learning process differs from employee to employee and person to person. The HR managers are required to understand the nature and needs of employees in order to initiate any program.
  3. The course will cover the analysis of the needs of an organization. The candidates will learn to observe where the organization is lacking in and what aspects require the improvement. This will bring positive impacts on the progress of the company as well as employees by overcoming the flaws and mistakes.
  4. Assess, design, access and implement various methods, techniques and sources of training. There are multiple methods of providing the training to employees and staff which is decided on the basis of the functions of organization, size of staff, the main objectives etc. When the HR manager is able to understand all the factors of the company and implement the learning and development techniques accordingly, the organization will grow itself.
  5. How to conduct the pre and post evaluation test of employees to know the benefits gained from it. This will help the organization to show the return on investment it has brought to them. The post evaluation test will show them the difference in the attitude of employees towards the tasks and organizations.

The course content or leadership and development program is designed specifically for the candidates who are either working at some position in the human resource department or willing to work in. The human resource managers with the help of this course will be able to control the generally occurring problems inside the organizations, mostly among employees and provide them all the basic facilities as well as environment. The HR manager is also supposed to look at the budget and other resources available to arrange any training either inside or outside. Sometimes the outside training programs result in being more effective for the people depending on the situation which takes place at the workplace.

There are many institutes around the world that are offering learning and development courses to the candidates which mostly includes coaches, facilitators, mentors etc. These people are associated to human resource department who take these courses for improving their skills and to arrange job training activities in the organizations. The top institutes for offering Professional learning and development courses are:

  1. The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL)

The ITOL institute is widely known to be one of the largest body of professionals and qualified individuals in the field of learning and development. The institute is situated in UK and successfully providing qualification in the learning and development training to the managers, supervisors and employers of organizations. Whether you’re a new trainer taking your first steps into the profession or an experienced professional seeking to further your career, ITOL, with its vast range of expert advice and accessible learning, is on hand to help you progress. Their unique program train the trainer is producing leaders for the growth of organizations.

  1. Institute for Learning and Development

The ILD institute is mostly consist of courses that provide the complete assistance to student in terms of their psychological and mental understanding. This help them in building their careers in the fields of their own choice while being decisive and a good decision maker. The ILD institute is located in Lexington usually serving most of the student’s from Boston area. The psychologists, professionals, qualified individuals are hired to train he students who want to understand the importance of learning and development at workplace.

  1. Meirc Dubai

Meirc, one of the biggest institutes located in Dubai offers multiple courses in learning and development for the Human resource professionals to initiate training sessions in the organizations. The Meirc institute provides many comprehensive courses in various fields for the candidates to develop their career.

The learning and development courses and training bring proficiency in the careers of human resource professionals.



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