occupational safey and health

Is Your Organization Familiar With Occupational Safety & Health?

Organizations are growing rapidly with increasing competency and globalization across the globe. The working environment in organizations for workers, labors, employees, employers, mangers and even supervisors are also altering with the passage of time. Technological usages to implement strategies are more in demand in the corporate world now. It is highly significant for a management to keep a keen eye over the performance of its employees. If the satisfaction level of the workforce keeps on varying, management is responsible to look for the possible reasons.

Occupational safety and health is all about the health and safety of people at work. It deals with the training of supervisors and managers to deal with the safety of its workforce while keeping the environment of organization up to the mark and pleasant for its people. The scope of occupational safety and health is increasing day to day due to the rapidly changing environment of workplace for employees. Most organizations have a round-the-clock working environment where employees work in shifts. The competency in market is stressful and pressurizing for the workforce. In such case, safety supervisors, execution supervisors, safety technicians, safety assistants, worker representatives and fresh students are needed to understand the basic principles and practices of the safety and health requirements of the organizations.

Safety Officer Course SOC in Dubai is one of the best courses offered in this regard to provide a complete guide and training to supervisors that visibly improve the efficiency of working environment.

The core content of Safety Officer Course in Dubai includes:

  • Hazardous materials control and risk
  • Fire danger and control
  • Handling of labor intensive
  • LOTO (Lock-Out Tag-Out)
  • Risks related to electricity and control
  • Mechanical and non-mechanical controls and risks
  • Traffic management
  • Risks related to height work and control
  • Safe lifting
  • Management of waste materials
  • Excavations hazards and controls and etc

At the completion of safety officer course SOC in Dubai, you will be able to deal with the above mentioned issues promptly and efficiently.