ccna course in dubai career advice

Planning to Move to Dubai? Get Enrolled in a CCNA Course in Dubai to Jumpstart

Finding ways to increase knowledge, enhance skills, be competent over your peers is quite difficult in the field of networking. The training, courses and guidelines are quite limited for network professionals. In such cases, the significance of CCNA course in Dubai is fairly high. CCNA is a certification provided by Cisco and is mainly known as Cisco Certified Network Associate. The certification provides the employees as well as employer to better understand the uses, handling, and technical advantages of networks. The prime purpose of CCNA course is to make network professionals able to troubleshoot, configure, understand and operate the routed networks. This also enables them to verify and implement the connections with the assistance of WAN (Wide Area Network).

CCNA course in Dubai is one of the most accepted certifications in IT. CCNA certification has provided higher specialization in IT to the employees which helped them in getting the higher positions in organization. Cisco certified individuals get 9% higher salary than the non-certified individuals. This course focuses on improvising the basic skills related to IT and Network connections. The core topics of this are:

  1. Management of Network and security
  2. ACL
  3. WLAN and VLAN
  4. Major routing protocols and routers
  5. EIGRP, OSPF and RIP
  6. OSI Models
  7. IP addressing

Cisco also provides various other certifications apart from CCNA that were also recognized globally, previously. It is quite challenging for a candidate to keep up with CCNA certification as it expires in three years. Still the demand of this certification has not reduced. The quick changes in technology and advancements in the high-tech world require the candidate to renew the certification after 3 years. The contents that are provided in the CCNA course in Dubai to the individuals are proprietary.

The best part about CCNA course is that it does not require any particular qualification/degree to pass the test. Any individual having years of experience or a fresh candidate who wants to improve his networking concepts can opt for CCNA.