How to Improve Business Activities with an Efficient Supply Chain Management Process?

Supply Chain Management seems to be a vital aspect of Commerce, which deals with the circulation of products, goods and services. The whole procedure includes of the coalition and storage of raw materials, processing of the catalog, and the dealing of finished and finalized products, goods and services from the point of source to the point of consumption. Supply chain itself is a word which reflects the terminologies of supply and the whole procedure which encapsulates it. Supply chain management in general talks about the whole procedure involved in the supply of finished products, goods and services; originating from the purchase of the raw materials and ending up on the supply of the finished products made from these raw materials. “Planning, designing, control, execution, and, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally.” United Arab Emirates is known to be a business hub where a number of people from all around the world, especially from India and Pakistan come to the land in order to pursue careers of their own choice. Supply chain management is one of such fields which do offer numerous jobs as Dubai is known for the production and supply of numerous products specifically oil due to the presence of huge sea ports in it. Therefore, in order to provide to people with complete knowledge, skills and tools regarding the field various courses and certifications are being offered by Institutes of the UAE as well as online websites; few of such courses are listed below:

1. (Logistics and Supply chain Management Professional) CLSCMP Certification:

Globalization has led to the enhancement of import and export businesses, leading to the need to by experts in the field of supply chain leading and management, businesses these days have to cope up with the fast moving global economy, therefore they do have to work effectively as well as efficiently in order to promote their products and services. Logistics are considered to be the main element of supply chain management therefore their purchase, management and the whole process which enables them to become finished products is even the part of supply chain management. In order to promote a prosperous and successful business, businessmen have to take keen interest as well as govern this aspect of industry carefully. Hence, SVARNA training institute situated in the UAE has come up with a certification known as CLSCMP (Logistics and Supply chain Management Professional). The certification is responsible for providing an individual interested in the field of logistics with all attributes required for being a successful Logistician. Inventory management, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, consultation, and the organizing and planning of these activities are the teachings which are taught under the flagship of this certification. Forward and reverse flow of products, goods and services must be governed properly in order to promote lead business’ sales success making the way to huge profits ultimately; hence the certification itself is a good option for the ones who plan to pursue their career as a successful Logistician.

2. Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) Certification:

Production, management and shipping are considered to be the main pillars in the supply chain management specifically for the companies which do deal with the manufacturing of finished products with the use of raw materials. Supply chain professionals deal with various aspects which in general include the purchase of raw materials, their processing and then finally their dispatching. Hence, ITI Institute, UAE has come up with Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) Certification in order to provide interested individuals with the tools, skills and knowledge required for the production, shipping and distribution of goods, products and services. It is a two-level certification; the first step deals with the certification related to logistics while the second step deals with the Supply chain professionalism, the certification includes the six modules which individually deal with the understanding of logistics and supply chain management.

3. Certified Logistics & Supply Chain Management (L&SCM):

Every Business requires certain experts which are considered to be important for the smooth and successful running of a business; hence American Institute of Business & Management (AIBM) laid the basis of a certification known as Certified Logistics & Supply Chain Management (L&SCM) certification which tends to provide the individuals of a business corporation, enterprise and association with an opportunity to learn fundamentals as well as advanced knowledge of all concepts involved in supply chain management. The certification is now being offered by Infonet Institute located in UAE where it provides professionals from business corporations and enterprises of UAE regarding the learning and application of following major concepts:

  • Logistics Management;
  • Supply Chain Management;
  • Free zone Operations;
  • Forecasting;
  • Material Management;
  • Inventory and Inventory Management;
  • Ware Housing;
  • Production Management;
  • Total Quality Management;
  • Shipping and Freight Forwarding;
  • ERP;
  • Letter of Credit/ UCP600;
  • Shipping and Freight Forwarding Management;
  • Document – Import / Export; and
  • Procurement Management

4. PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management & Logistics:

The diploma has been offered by the Westford University College, UAE. The university has its main campus in United Kingdom while one of its campuses is located in UAE. The campus offers the PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management & Logistics which aims to provide following teachings to the interested candidates:

  • How can Supply chain have a negative or positive affect on business activities in an International context?
  • What is the structure of an effective supply chain?
  • Developing the efficient and feasible supply chain process for the organization.

The diploma therefore, targets to provide professionals from business organizations as well as enterprises regarding the importance as well as skills required to work with the terminology of Supply Chain Management. Hence it can be considered to be a good opportunity for the ones who desire to pursue their career as Supply chain professionals as well as logisticians which is evenly considered to be an important part of supply chain management cycle.