What is Certifind?

It is an online platform that connects training providers and training seekers, focusing on courses that qualify for internationally recognized certifications.

Available Fields:

Certifind avails a wide range of trainings in various scientific fields:

  • Information Technology (IT)

    Information Technology (IT)

  • Finance


  • Project management

    Project management

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

    Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

  • Business & Management

    Business & Management

  • Languages


  • Sales and marketing

    Sales and marketing

  • Medicine


  • Engineering


  • Fitness


  • Media


  • Law


  • Tourism and Hotels

    Tourism and Hotels

  • Management and Administration

    Management and Administration

  • Human Development

    Human Development

Registration and application:

3 different categories can enjoy and benefit from Certifind after registration:


First Category: Training Centers

Certifind serves training centers by presenting their training courses on the website. It also specifies training field, date, place, price, means of communication and the certificate the trainee receives after completing the course.

Upon registration, center page will be available providing a timeline for your training course, and enabling communication with trainees through direct messages. Through this page, trainees can easily look up and access the center’s services and courses.

Second Category: Trainers

All trainers in all fields can enjoy “Certifind” services by providing the scientific materials they master and teaching them to a specific group.

The trainer enrolls in "Certifind" by entering his data and creating a page through which he presents his CV. He also posts his training courses and communicates with training seekers through his personal page on the website.



Third Category: Training and accredited certifications seekers

And they are the majority of the website users, as they can effortlessly and smoothly search and access training in various sciences and get certified from one of the centers through Certifind.

First: A person who wants to get a training or obtain an accredited certification. He just signs up on the website and start looking for his specialty and the certificate he is looking for, then he can communicate directly with his trainer or the training center he chose and easily reach his goals.

Second: A manager or a training manager who is looking for a training course for his employees to benefit his staff in work field, increase their experience and develop their abilities. So, he can directly communicate with the trainers or training centers by signing up on the website.

Website Search System

Certifind helps you to reach your goal with a smart search system classified into three categories:

  1. Search for a training course.
  2. Search for a certificate.
  3. Search for training provider.

The website makes the job easier by providing suggestions during the search process. When for example you search for a course in software, the site helps you with the names of the most important courses that benefit you in the field of specialization. And when you look for an accredited certificate, the website will provide you with a list of internationally recognized certificates in the field you are looking for. Certifind will also give you suggestions for the best places to train according to your country of residence and how to communicate with them. The website provides users with the most important certificates required in the labor market and adequate information about them.


Website Languages


The website supports both Arabic and English languages for navigation and registration but it also avails training courses in all languages for users from all around the globe.

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