SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson (SCPS®)

SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson (SCPS®)

This self study course provides applicants with a view of the principle areas of sales under the theme "Partnering to Create Value". It explores the factors influencing how buying decisions are made, including the impact of buying decisions on an organization. Applicants gain a working knowledge of practical sales and business vocabulary. In today's competitive market a "partnering style of selling" creates a competitive advantage for sales organizations that transcends to increased customer value. This course is ideally suited for those wishing to achieve high performance selling.COURSE OUTCOMESAt the end of this course, you will be able to confidently sit for the SCPS exam and:Understand relationship selling opportunities in the information economyKnow the importance of discovering customer needs and configuring value-added product solutions to meet those needsExplain how the marketing concept has produced the new personal selling models and strategies used by high-performing salespeopleDevelop your own personal selling philosophy and a professional communication styleDevelop a product strategy that adds valueDevelop a customer strategy through understanding the buying process and buyer behaviorDevelop a sales presentation strategy using adaptive selling and consultive question techniquesNegotiate buyer concernsLearn key concepts for the management of self and others

Job Roles

Sales Assistant, Sales Associate, Sales Consultant, Sales Director, Sales Engineer, Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager






1 year


Application Fee: $1049 or $899 for Professional & Executive Members Exam Fee: $150 or $125 for Professional & Executive Members

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