Certified Marketing Executive (CME®)

Certified Marketing Executive (CME®)

This self study course prepares you for the exciting challenges related to leading sales organizations in today's hyper-competitive global economy. You will learn basic theoretical foundations that will enable you to adapt to the economy as it continues to evolve, balanced with practical applications you need to know in order to lead performing sales teams. COURSE OUTCOMES At the end of this course you will be able to confidently sit for the CSE exam and:Define the strategy hierarchy and understand how a firms sales and marketing strategies affect its overall strategyDescribe the sales management process and the responsibilities and activities of sales managersExplain what the sales function consists of and how salespeople affect a firm's supply chainIdentify the various channels in which the sales function can be carried outExplain how effective sales management efforts an align a firm's sales strategy in a multi-channel environmentRecognize the contributions made by contemporary leadership approachesIdentify issues today's sales leaders faceIdentify the more common ethical dilemmas that face salespeople, sales managers, and sales executives and develop appropriate actions when faced with ethical issuesComprehend how buyer-seller relationships are established and maintainedKnow how to leverage information technologiesEffectively design and organize a salesforceRecruit and select the right salespeopleIdentify factors that determine what types of training are needed by salespeople and implement effective training programs to develop the salesforceUnderstand the elements of teamwork and how to successfully develop and work with teams, including those that are virtualLearn to set goals and manage the sales force's performanceHow to motivate and reward salespeopleEffectively turn customer information into sales knowledgeAsses the performance of the sales force and the people who comprise itUnderstand cultural forces and how a diverse sales force is important to an organization's success

Job Roles

Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Marketing Consultant






1 year


Application Fee $1049 or $899 for Professional & Executive Members Exam Fee: $150 or $125 for Professional & Executive Members

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