Certified Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B)

Certified Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B)

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United Arab Emirates
Professional certificates Class Room 0 Hours Seats 10 20/09/2016 20/12/2016

For the IPMA Level B certification process the applicant must have a complex reference project, in which the applicant has been the accountable project manager. The reference project must be finished (not more than two years ago) to enable estimating the applicant’s role in the overall success of the project. 

The reference project must be sufficiently complex to be accepted as a reference project for IPMA Level B certification process.

The criteria for the complexity of the reference project are:

  • Many interrelated subsystems / sub-projects and elements and relations to the project context
  • Several companies and/or organisational units involved
  • Several different disciplines working for the project
  • Several different phases with considerable durations
  • Many known PM methods, techniques, tools applied
  • Defined objectives and assessment of resultsud
  • Several interested parties – integration of expectation
  • Multi cultural and social context
  • Degree of innovation – general conditions
  • Project structure – demand for coordination
  • Project organisation
  • Leadership, teamwork, decisions
  • Defined resources, including finance
  • Including risks and opportunities

The reference project must be important enough to provide evidence of competent management. Additional parameters that are taken in to consider include:

  • Amount of time the applicant dedicates to the project
  • Number of sub-projects
  • Size of project as an investment
  • Size of project organisation
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