Advanced Certificate In Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Advanced Certificate In Supply Chain Management & Logistics

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United Arab Emirates
Professional certificates Class Room 0 Hours Seats 10 20/12/2016 20/12/2016

Logistics and supply chain management include processes such as analyzing, forecasting and planning, introducing and coordinating flow of goods, services capital and information in the supply chain in order to satisfy customer needs. 

Logistics aims at providing agreed services in the determined quality by effectively utilizing accessible resources and optimizing costs. In the modern world logistics and supply chain management play an important role in economic activities of countries and companies

Shortage of employees in logistics is related to the high level of professional requirements and expert knowledge that is necessary to manage complex value chains. 

Ace it training experts in logistics are committed not only to provide practical skills and experience, but also knowledge in the field of supply chain modeling and statistical analysis.

This Training introduces you to the transport, logistics & procurement discipline and builds up your expertise to a level where you will be highly competent in a broad range of areas making you highly sought after in the job market. In fact many of our students have gained employment and even risen to senior positions at various MNCâ™s, within a short time of graduating.

Supply chain training program at Ace it Training emphasizes Supply Chain Drivers, Forecasting, Production and Distribution & Inventory Management etc..

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